“Exclusive Food Picks for Super Bowl 51”

Written by Giavanna Foster

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year. Each year, millions of football fans tune in across the country. This year, the New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons. Justin Bieber, Miranda Kerr, Tom Brady, Melissa McCarthy, and other A-listers are featured in the Super Bowl 51 ads. Click here for more information.

The Today show celebrated Super Bowl LI with a special themed week. In fact, Gordon Ramsay recently appeared to prepare gourmet Super Bowl treats. Matt Lauer introduced Ramsay before his demonstration. “We are wrapping up our Super Bowl-themed week, and since it’s the biggest game of the year, we thought we’d call in one of the biggest names in the food business,” Lauer announced. Then Matt mentioned the launch of Gordon Ramsay’s online masterclass. He joins a list of celebrities that include Hans Zimmer, Reba McEntire, and Usher. They also have online masterclasses. Click here to go to Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass page.

Here, the six-star Michelin chef cooked two gourmet Super Bowl snacks: chicken wings and turkey sausage rolls. Ramsay’s live demonstration featured some of his innovative cooking techniques. He used a list of ingredients that include lime, sesame seeds, fennel seeds and puff pastries. Ramsay’s Super Bowl dishes wowed the anchors with its simplicity and culinary finesse.

Matt asked Hoda how the chicken wings tasted. Hoda said, “Ready to go? We’re already gone.” Hoda added that his turkey sausage rolls were “delicious and really good”. To see Gordon Ramsay’s gourmet Super Bowl recipes, click here.

Gordon Ramsay mentioned that he will be attending Super Bowl 51. Then Lauer asked Ramsay who he will be rooting for. “Uh, Tom,” Ramsay said.

Gordon Ramsay is rooting for the New England Patriots. We posted a Twitter poll to ask you who will win Super Bowl 51. Our updated Twitter poll shows that the majority voted for the Patriots.

This Super Bowl, we are featuring Tasty’s YouTube channel. Tasty is a trending YouTube channel with over 2.1 million subscribers. Tasty’s “8 Game Day Appetizers” has over 2.4 million YouTube views. This video demonstrates recipes for eight savory treats that include baked garlic parmesan potato wedges and mozzarella stick onion rings. The recipes for these game day appetizers are simplistic. Some recipes in this video are vegetarian-friendly. Click here to see the recipes. Overall, Tasty’s YouTube recipes are great for the Super Bowl. #touchdown

Super Bowl 51 will take place at Houston’s NRG Stadium. It airs February 5 on FOX at 3:30pm, pacific standard time. Not on the pacific coast? Find your time zone here.

What Super Bowl LI moment are you looking forward to? See this Twitter poll:

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