“Beni Cwiakala wins Season 6 of MasterChef Junior, receives 500k YouTube views”

Written by Giavanna Foster

Beni Cwiakala won Season 6 of MasterChef Junior. Beni also received 500,000 YouTube views for her presentation of a deconstructed apple tartlet. Here’s the scoop:

Beni Cwiakala’s dessert was one highlight of the MasterChef Junior finale. Beni served a deconstructed apple tartlet with candied walnut crumble, apple-brandy cream, persimmon chips, and a cranberry coulis. This dish illustrates Beni’s attention to detail. All three judges loved Beni’s tartlet. Now, this video has 524,000+ YouTube views.

Pastry chef Christina Tosi expressed her feedback as well as a suggestion:

“Beni, there’s not an element that’s done with anything short of perfection… I would have loved to see you take the apples and maybe build them a little bit higher or maybe do another layer of tartshell and build that again… but that’s really just to show off the beauty of this dessert even more and to give me more to eat. I love it,” Tosi commented.

Joe Bastianich also gave his honest thoughts and feedback on the deconstructed tartlet:

“I’m not a big fan of the whole deconstruction thing, but what you were able to do here (in your deconstruction) is to isolate and exalt all the individual flavors that an apple tart would have… Gotta make one comment. Perhaps the pastry cream is a bit too gelatinous. I like it a little bit more creamier, a little unctuous… Aside from that, it’s kind of perfection. It reminds me of the desserts my grandmother cooks for me,” Bastianich said.

After Gordon Ramsay licked the plate, he said that Beni’s deconstructed apple tartlet is fragrant and delicious. Ramsay added that she was bold and tenacious to present the deconstructed dish, which he thought was just as good as the original dish.

Beni, Quani, and Avery cooked as finalists on season six of MasterChef Junior. Beni was named the winner of MasterChef Junior’s sixth season. Then, Beni spoke highly of the other finalists by saying that they did a really great job. See the video below:

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