“Restaurant Gordon Ramsay celebrates 20th anniversary of excellence”

Written by Giavanna Foster

This month, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is celebrating its 20th anniversary of excellence. Here’s the scoop:

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is celebrating the product of teamwork, persistence, and hard work. In 1998, Ramsay’s first solo restaurant opened its doors to the customers.

In 2001, Gordon Ramsay became the first Scottish chef to receive three Michelin stars because of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s accomplishments. This unique restaurant runs on passion, adrenaline, and creativity. Gordon Ramsay stated that he plans to stay on top of the game during the next twenty years. By keeping his foot on the gas, he plans to maintain Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s success and longevity.

“Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, to me, is more than just a restaurant. It’s my life,” Gordon Ramsay states.

In twenty years, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay helped reinstate the importance of British cuisine in London. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s customer service, high-quality local produce, and refined flavors create memories that customers will remember for years.

Matt Abé is the head chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. This year marks Abé’s ninth year working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay said that having Abé’s “young, tenacious, and ambitious creativity” on every plate helps Restaurant Gordon Ramsay excel. Ramsay also noted Maitre d’ Jean-Claude Breton’s insight, memory, and passion. He added that his service is the best in the world. Gordon Ramsay says that James Lloyd, head sommelier, has a finessed palate with the same finesse as a young chef head and years of experience. With Lloyd’s encyclopedic mind, he understands how to effortlessly match entrées with the right blend of wine. Click here to read more about the team.

Happy twentieth anniversary to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay from FOODNLA.

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