“Truxton’s American Bistro sends message of goodwill during coronavirus outbreak”

Written by Giavanna Foster

Truxton’s is one of Southern California’s home-grown restaurants with a solid niche built upon quality customer service and great menu items. Truxton’s co-founder John Kaufman and marketing director Nichole Vancourt appeared on “Spotlight on Our Community”, a popular talk radio show that airs on KABC (790 AM). John and Nichole were featured on KABC, where they were recognized as true leaders in the hospitality industry in Southern California. They were also recognized for their commitment to applying hospitality by consistently serving high-quality food to customers.

Truxton’s American Bistro sent a message of goodwill to communities across the board in the interview. As residents adjust to the stay-at-home order during the coronavirus outbreak, John and Nichole appeared on KABC, where they shared updates regarding the restaurant as well as the options they are offering to the community. Here’s the scoop:

John Kaufman and Tim Foley are the co-founders of Truxton’s American Bistro. As a hospitality veteran and restaurateur, Kaufman has studied the art of understanding each guest as well as ensuring quality customer service. Kaufman shared the vision of Truxton’s American Bistro as a people-first business. Also, Truxton’s American Bistro aims to consistently display “cravable” hospitality to create a memorable restaurant experience for all customers.

“We’re really trying to define what cravable hospitality is… It’s the ambiance that you don’t understand when you walk into a restaurant… We really are a people-first business. We really take care of our guests… and that passion comes in when you’re eating in the restaurant,” John Kaufman voiced.

The monkey bread, which is on Truxton’s menu, has become a popular favorite in the community. Truxton’s menu also includes fish tacos, chili-glazed wings, a healthful section, and a hearty vegetarian section with vegetarian tacos, veggie wraps, and more. Kaufman also manages Stevenson’s Farms, which sells vegetarian and vegan products. Truxton’s is bringing the community together by including a variety of gourmet menu options.

“We really try to have a balance… Over the years, it’s quite nice… We’ve seen a nice growth on that side of the menu… We really are very fortunate to have a wonderful community,” John Kaufman responded.

As people adjust to staying at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Truxton’s American Bistro is putting the community first based on the foundation of goodwill and hospitality. Although the dine-in option is out for now, Truxton’s will be providing curbside pickup and free delivery to customers in the community of Southern California. John Kaufman and Nichole Vancourt shared a special announcement on air:

“Right now, it’s really important to still allow families and communities to order food and have food brought to them… especially for those who may not feel comfortable right now… We’re really diving into building our takeout business, delivery, curbside pickup… and still get wholesome food,” Nichole Vancourt said.

“On top of that, we do delivery. We are offering free delivery now. And the other thing the management team and my business partner and I decided to do is we are discounting our food. So we are discounting it 25% because it’s not really about making money at this point. It’s about survival and really helping the community at the same time and also keeping as many team members as possible employed,” John Kaufman added.

Truxton’s American Bistro currently has three locations. Truxton’s opened its first location in Westchester. Now it has two more locations in Santa Monica and Torrance. Here is the list of Truxton’s locations:

  1. Westchester: 8611 Truxton Avenue | 310.417.8789
  2. Santa Monica: 1329 Santa Monica Boulevard | 310.393.8789
  3. Torrance: 24530 Hawthorne Boulevard | 310.373.8790

For more information about the locations, click here to visit the website.

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