“Jamie Oliver cooks Star Wars-themed breakfast”

Written by Giavanna Foster

This year, British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver prepared a Star Wars-themed waffles dish. He posted a thematic video to celebrate Star Wars Day. Here’s the scoop:

Star Wars Day is observed annually on May 4 to celebrate George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise. The May 4 date is inspired by this classic phrase: “May the Fourth (force) be with you.” Jamie Oliver’s Star Wars Day video is filled with artistic creativity, from the galactic background to Oliver’s Jedi wardrobe outfit and the blue Bantha milk. In this YouTube video, Oliver wears Jedi clothing while preparing the Star Wars-themed breakfast. Also, Jamie Oliver cooked custom Star Wars-themed waffles using this Sith Lord waffle maker. After sharing his waffle recipe, he creatively plated it with “fruit thai fighters” (apples, pears, and dragonfruit sandwiched between banana, lime juice, and peanut butter).

With this breakfast, as with the Force, it’s all about balance. So let’s have one or two of your five fruit and veg a day… Any kind of fruit you like (fresh or frozen) is fantastic,” Oliver said.

Update: Now, Jamie Oliver’s Star Wars-themed video has received 106,434+ YouTube views. May the force be with you!

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