“Top 3 Breakfast Options in L. A.: 2022 Edition”

Written by Giavanna Foster

Looking for a new, tasty breakfast meal? This month, the FOODNLA team chose our top 3 breakfast options in Los Angeles for 2022. Here’s the scoop:

Option #1: Everything Avocado Toast (Robeks.com)

ROBEKS: Everything Avocado Toast

ROBEKS’ Everything Avocado Toast is a quick bite that will give you just enough fuel to get through the day. This toast has sliced cherry tomatoes, avocado slices, everything seasoning, pink Himalayan salt, and a dash of black pepper. The flavor profile is a balanced combination of sweetness, salt, and acidity… ROBEKS also has a wide variety of options, including the acai straw-nana berry fruit bowl and low-calorie smoothies filled with fruits and vegetables. You can also choose from a list of enrichments to add to your bowl, juice, or smoothie including spirulina, matcha green tea, and goji berries.

Option #2: Strawberry Overnight Grains (Starbucks.com)

STARBUCKS: Strawberry Overnight Grains

STARBUCKS’ Strawberry Overnight Grains is a delicious vegan breakfast option. It is made with chia seeds, coconut milk, quinoa, strawberries and steel-cut oats. The toppings for this dish are shaved coconut and toasted almonds, which add more textures and layers of harmonious flavor to this dish. STARBUCKS’ menu also has vegetarian options, like the high-protein Berry Trio Parfait. And this restaurant also serves steel-cut, rolled oatmeal bowls. All the breakfast options at Starbucks are very light and refreshing.

Option #3: Gourmet French Toast (RubysDiner.com)

RUBY’S DINER: French toast

The menu for RUBY’S DINER features delicious French toast combos. Previously, this restaurant has served the limited-time raspberry crunch French toast (coated with Frosted Flakes). Now, we recommend Ruby’s French Toast breakfast combo. Ruby’s French toast is made from thick slices of egg bread. This breakfast meal comes with two fresh eggs and your choice of protein (veggie sausage is one of the options). RUBY’S DINER also serves breakfast options for children, including the kids’ French toast meal.

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