Fall 2022 Must-Have: “101 Greatest Soups on the Planet…”

This fall, the FOODNLA team chose a trendy must-have cookbook for soup recipes. Here’s the scoop:

FOODNLA’s top pick for the cookbook of the year is “101 Greatest Soups on the Planet: Every Savory Soup, Stew, Chili and Chowder You Could Ever Crave”. Erin Mylroie is the author of this book, which includes vegetarian and vegan soup recipes. The FOODNLA team highly recommends this cookbook because it will save time on preparing meals. Also, this book has a comforting recipe for everyone. “101 Greatest Soups on the Planet” includes a diverse range of recipes from Creamy Italian Chicken and Gnocchi Soup to Fall Kickoff Pumpkin Vegetable Chili and Busy Night Wonton Soup Classic French Onion Soup with Cheese Toasts. We believe this book will continue to emerge as a staple in kitchens nationwide. Click here to read more about “101 Greatest Soups…”.

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