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Written by Giavanna Foster

BuzzFeedVideo has over 8.9 billion views, and it is now one of the trendiest YouTube channels. BuzzFeedVideo’s YouTube channel published a new video on January 8. This video documents Adam, Andrew, and Steven’s live food reviews of three select cake locations in Los Angeles that specialize in creating refined art through gourmet desserts.

Here is what happened:

Steven picked three restaurants with three different price ranges. Porto’s Bakery and Cafe was the first location that Adam, Andrew, and Steven visited. Located in Glendale, Porto’s is a family-owned restaurant that serves gourmet desserts and café food at a lower price range ($). Margarita Navarro and Betty Porto are the co-owners of this bakery.

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Steven ordered the milk’n berries cake, which costs $26.75. This beautiful cake is made with fresh berries, whipped cream, and sponge cake with tres leches. Andrew enjoyed the cake; he stated that the syrup had dense moisture and the different textures are harmonious. Steven said the cake tasted like a satisfying glass of milk. Then Adam, the camera guy, cut a big slice for himself.


Milk’n Berries Cake — Porto’s Bakery

Second, Steven drove Adam and Andrew to Proof Bakery. Located in Los Angeles, Proof Bakery serves desserts that display quality and consistency at a mid-price range ($$). Darby Aldaco is the executive pastry chef. The Proof Bakery’s most popular items are their croissants and chocolate espresso cake. The chocolate espresso chocolate cake costs $48.00. This cake has three layers, and the first is soaked in espresso. After the espresso cake reaches breaking point, or room temperature, it is served. This cake is measured at eight inches.

1 13 Location 2 Proof Bakery1.JPG

Chocolate Espresso Cake — Proof Bakery

Andrew and Steven experienced the product of Proof Bakery’s scientific refinery by tasting the chocolate espresso cake. “Outstanding. Incredible,” Steven expressed in awe. Andrew said that it’s the best cake he ever had. Andrew said that “the cake had structural integrity, the textures are balanced, and it’s a tight cake”. He then declared this espresso cake as his top pick. Steven responded by saying that he booked one more reservation.

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Last, the group went to Bottega Louie to enjoy a custom-made treat. Bottega Louie is a restaurant, gourmet market, and patisserie. Bottega Louie has received recognition from major outlets that include Time, USA Today, Forbes, LA Weekly, and CBS Los Angeles. This location is well-known for their custom made cakes, as well as their macaroons. Bottega Louie’s desserts are sold at a higher price range ($$$). Steven ordered a custom celebration cake that cost $1,120.00. This decadent funfetti cake is made with three types of buttercream: white chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla bean. Andrew said that the cake resembled “a still-life of a scene”.

1 13 Location 3 Bottega Louie14.JPG

Custom Celebration Cake — Bottega Louie

Adam, Andrew, and Steven shared the memorable experience of tasting Bottega Louie’s custom celebration cake. Andrew said it was like a delicious strawberry shortcake. He added that the cake was flavorful and the strawberry flavors resembled fresh strawberries from a garden. Steven commented that this cake brought feelings of nostalgia and reminded him of his childhood. Adam, the camera guy, tasted the funfetti cake afterwards. He also enjoyed the cake, and this showed through his facial expressions.

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Then Adam, Andrew, and Steven walked back into their car. Here, they enjoyed another delightful treat from Bottega Louie: macaroons.

BuzzFeedVideo ended season 1 of their YouTube channel with a lively cake adventure video. This experience featured cakes from Porto’s Bakery, Proof Bakery, and Bottega Louie. Andrew’s top pick was Proof Bakery, while Steven’s top pick was Porto’s Bakery. 

All three locations were standouts because they displayed hard work and consistent quality through the hand-crafted product of gourmet food.

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