Natasha’s Trending Chocolate Covered Strawberries YouTube recipe

Natasha's Trending Chocolate Covered Strawberries YouTube recipe Written by FOODNLA Staff This Valentine's Day, we highly recommend Natasha's trending YouTube recipe for chocolate covered strawberries. Natasha prepares this dessert with elegance and unique, artistic creativity. Here's the scoop: With over 2M subscribers and 200M+ total channel views, Natasha's Kitchen is a popular YouTube channel…Read more Natasha’s Trending Chocolate Covered Strawberries YouTube recipe

Krispy Kreme launches limited-time doughnuts, Shaq is Resolutions Coach

Shaquille O'Neal is featured in the 2020 Krispy Kreme ad.

Krispy Kreme launches limited-time Chocolate Glaze collection

Krispy Kreme's new collection re-introduces four popular fan-favorite flavors.

New Hershey’s Gold Bar to launch in December

Hershey's is well-known for their signature chocolate brand. Hershey's Gold comes with a twist -- it's made with no chocolate.