“New Hershey’s Gold Bar to launch in December”

Written by Giavanna Foster

Hershey’s new Gold bar will launch in December. Here’s the scoop:

Hershey’s is one of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers. Hershey’s refined signature brand of chocolate rose to global popularity, as it is available in 60 countries. Hershey’s gained fans amongst chocolate lovers thanks to their popular flavored bars that include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white creme.

Hershey’s Gold is one-of-a-kind because it does not contain chocolate. Instead, it recreates the texture and taste of salted caramel. Hershey’s Gold is crafted with a caramelized creme, peanuts, and pretzels. After 22 years, Hershey’s will launch their fourth flavor. On December 1, Hershey’s Gold will arrive in stores nationwide. 

Hershey’s is partnering with popular Olympic champions to get the word out about their new caramel bar. Hershey’s is introducing their new Gold bar in conjunction with promoting Team USA in  the 2018 Olympics. Hershey’s Gold ambassadors include Olympic champions Simone Biles, Apolo Ohno, and Rico Roman. Biles is a top gymnast with four U.S. Olympic gold medals. Ohno received the most medals of all time at the Olympic Winter Games. Roman is a U.S. Army Veteran and paralympic gold medalist in sled hockey. Click here for more information about Hershey’s Gold.

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