Written by FOODNLA Staff

This Valentine’s Day, we highly recommend Natasha’s trending YouTube recipe for chocolate covered strawberries. Natasha prepares this dessert with elegance and unique, artistic creativity. Here’s the scoop:

With over 2M subscribers and 200M+ total channel views, Natasha’s Kitchen is a popular YouTube channel with creative, inspiring videos about cooking food. Natasha’s channel is also a fan favorite, as the videos she posts weekly give her fans inspirational ideas while keeping them excited about the next videos. Natasha thoroughly explains each step to prepare her chocolate covered strawberries. Tempering the chocolate is one of the most important steps in this recipe. Natasha’s trending chocolate covered strawberries recipe is so much fun to make and eat! To make these chocolate covered strawberries, Natasha uses this recipe (which is also posted to her YouTube channel):


1. 2 lbs large strawberries, stems attached
2. 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. White Chocolate Chips, melted to dip and drizzle
2. Finely Chopped Nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds)
3. Coconut flakes, finely chopped
4. Colorful Sprinkles
5. Colored Sanding Sugar
6. Mini Chocolate chips
7. White Chocolate (to melt and drizzle)
8. Oreo Cookies, crushed

Every week, Natasha’s Kitchen posts a new YouTube video. Click here for more information.

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